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BESTSELLER 3.5 hours

Acoustics 101 : Speaker design basics and enclosure design

Learn the basics of acoustics, what makes a speaker, and how does it produce sound. What are those Thiele / Small parameters about? Get acquainted with different types of speaker enclosures and how to design them. At the end a bunch of basic stuff about 2 way filters.

Couple of the course highlights:

  • Design sealed and bass reflex enclosures.
  • Free excel spreadsheet that does all the calculations included. Paid application examples also included.
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3.5 hours

Acoustics 201 : Loudspeaker measurements

Learn how to make frequency response measurements and impedance measurements. Dive deep into the acoustical realm and check impulse responses, distortion, speaker acoustical center alignment and much more. Learn how to make all sorts of electrical measurements. All needed for crossover design.

Couple of the course highlights:

  • Make frequency response and impedance measurements.
  • Created FRD and ZMA files for crossover design applications.
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5 hours

Loudspeaker engineering : How to design speaker crossovers

Learn how to design and build your own passive crossover network. Besides the filtering stages, several different circuit types are presented to compliment the overall crossover design. The course features 5 enclosure types, from simple to complex, each with its own unique crossover network.

Couple of the course highlights:

  • Design 2-way and 3-way passive crossover networks.
  • Achieve linear frequency response and good phase coherence between drivers.
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6.5 hours

Acoustics 101 Pro: Advanced enclosure design

Learn how to design more complicated enclosures. Besides sealed and bass reflex, design passive radiator, 4th order bandpass and 6th order bandpass as well. Panel dimensions are easily calculated using excel spreadsheets. After all of these enclosures are built, we will compare them side by side and review the results.

Couple of the course highlights:

  • Design sealed, bass reflex, passive radiator, 4th order bandpass and 6th order bandpass boxes using WinISD.
  • Easily calculate panel dimensions using the included excel spreadsheets and make 3d box models using SketchUp.
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5.5 hours

Portable speaker design: Make you own Bluetooth speaker

LearnLearn how to design you own portable speaker. Choose the right components for your particular application. Design the box according to you preferences. 3 types of boxes will be discussed : sealed, bass reflex and passive radiator.

Couple of the course highlights:

  • Learn about portable speaker components: speakers, amplifiers, batteries, Bluetooth module and how they go together.
  • 4 build examples from small to large. All the steps from design stage to actually building and listening to the boombox.
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you helped me a lot..could listen you for days
- Stefan Petak
very informative.
- Tanner Dickerson
Muy buena elección. Debo observar que en algunos momentos no se corresponden los subtítulos con el audio, tiene algunos errores. Tal vez habría que realizar algunos acercamientos haciendo zoom sobre la pantalla del room EQ, para mejorar la imágen.
- Enzo Scarponi
Marius has been very inspiring. I have many experience in loudspeaker building and I was not expecting many from this course but It reminded me and organized in my head a lot of basics. Some new things too. Im looking forward to the next course. Great work Marius!!
- Nestor Varela
Very informative. Will have to redo the course a couple of time but just what I wanted
- Wynand Nieman
So far the course is what I was expecting
- Kyle Lautzenhiser
So far the level of detail is appropriate for an intermediate student. I am interested in seeing later chapter were test equipment set-up is discussed.
- Ed Lindsey
- John Thompson
With delving into the world of diy speaker building, this course was a great help when it comes to doing the measurement side of things. It answered a lot of questions on what and how to measure as well as interpreting the results. Cant wait for the crossover course!
- Simon Wright
The lessons are very easy to understand because there are a lot of pictures and the explanations are very clear. The course is mainly focused on the enclosure so in the end the loudspeaker design need more lessons and studies. I hope there will be an advanced course soon.
- Elia Schiaratura
About the author
I’m Marius, the guy behind Audio Judgement. If you are familiar with my blog then you know I’m passionate about audio and started learning about this field several years ago. Not many instructional videos about this topic, so that’s why I made these video courses on Udemy. Hope they help you out.