We’re going to build a pair of AliExpress bookshelf speakers using Aiyima drivers. You can find more information in this YouTube video. I’m going to keep this short and simple with just the instructions on how to build this thing.

Box dimensions

Basically, I’m using 18 mm thick MDF and here is the list with the panel dimensions:

  • Front / Back : 310 x 220 x 18 mm
  • Top / Bottom : 295 x 220 x 18 mm
  • Sides : 295 x 274 x 18 mm
  • Brace : 184 x 295 mm

Here are some sketches with the box and panel cutouts:

The port is basically a 2″ Precision port where you use just the flares and the connection ring. If I measure the length it’s 130 mm. If you are going with a straight tube. Go with something less than that. Maybe 110 mm.

Crossover design

Here is the crossover design:

Crossover Aliexpress speakers

As you can see it’s just a simple 2nd order crossover with an extra resistor on the tweeter side. The impedance of this speaker is 4 Ohms.


First let me link the speakers. I’m also going to post some pictures, because AliExpress is not that consistent and probably the link won’t work soon enough. Knowing how the speaker looks, maybe you will find it at some other seller.


Here in the link

Bass driver

Here is the link

Aliexpress bass driver

As you can see from the picture, the bass driver is the 4 Ohm variant.

Parts list

As for the parts list, I’m going to add affiliate paid links from the popular audio parts stores: Parts Express and Sound Imports. You can also search for equivalent on AliExpress. I don’t want to do that because those links won’t work in the near future:


The result is a pair of AliExpress bookshelf speakers that goes quite low in frequency. The frequency response is very flat as you can see from the following graph.

Aliexpress speaker frequency response

The only thing that bugs me is that the tweeter is quite cheap compared to the bass driver. Or you can go the other way around the bass driver is too expensive for this tweeter. Anyway, they do work together and  you can build a pair of decent bookshelf speakers using Aiyima speaker drivers from AliExpress.